Health & Safety


CareBand’s patent-pending dementia monitoring platform is the first-of-its-kind to deploy innovative Internet of Things (IoT) devices and machine-learning algorithms to satisfy four mandates:

  1. To keep people with dementia safe and in the least restrictive
    environment for as long as possible
  2. To provide caregivers with real-time access to monitor
    neuropsychiatric behaviors of dementia and automated alerts of
    acute changes in condition to avoid costly hospitalizations
  3. To empower pharmaceutical and research institutions with
    software tools and data to assist in measuring the efficacy of drugs
    and therapies for people with dementia
  4. To improve outcomes, drive innovation, and reduce costs for
    insurers, providers, and government agencies by using CareBand’s
    proactive technologies.

Comfortable wrist-worn wearable

Uses cost-effective LoRaWAN technology

Customizable web & mobile software

Flexible APIs for custom development

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