Introducing CareBand

Improving the wellbeing of people living with dementia

Features Enhance Quality of Life & Provide Peace of Mind

View residents indoor and outdoor location up to a few miles away

Real-time location alerts customized for each resident

Works without WiFi or Cellular technology

Near exit alerts when residents are close to the door

Elopement alerts with real-time outdoor maps tracking

Safety alerts when residents are outside for too long

Designed for Safety

Stylish. Lightweight. Functional.

Help Button

Ease of access help button on the top of the device


Visual and haptic alerts to address behavior change


Ability to detect if the device is on or off the person

Extended Battery Life

Estimated 3-day battery depending on use with 30 minute wireless quick charge*

Choose Your Style

Swap out the wrist band for different styles

CareBand runs on low power, long range communication

¹ Why LoRa®? (n.d.). Retrieved from

Considered the “next-generation” of Internet of Things technology (IoT), LoRa enables devices to securely and affordably communicate over long ranges using low power.

Since its invention 5 years ago, LoRa has been deployed in over 35 countries and its open source community continues to grow and thrive. By 2025, ABI research predicts that close to 4 billion smart devices will be powered by low power wide area networks.

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