Complete end-to-end solutions for the new normal with COVID

SafeTrack solutions enable governments, public health organizations, universities, and corporations to get back to work, school, and the new normal.

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Our mission is to keep people safe and healthy using a combination of proven communication technologies and machine learning.

Our Roots

We started with a desire to help people with dementia and Alzheimer’s stay safe, healthy, and out of the hospital.

Addressing COVID

With the onset of COVID, we have expanded our packaged solutions to general population health management and pandemic response.

SafeTrack solutions can be mixed and matched for your use case.

The system is easy to set up, configure, test, and manage. The components can be customized for function and be white-labeled.

Contact Tracing

Using validated exposure notification protocols, devices log interactions and alert when positive people are interacted with.

Nurse Call

Patients or staff can use the pendant to call for help.

Proximity Monitoring

Devices vibrate when they are within a set distance (i.e. 6 ft).

PAN Monitoring

Devices are aggregated to one main device which sends the data to the internet


Privacy-enabled location boundary alerts when devices move beyond a range.

Behavior Monitoring

System knows when behavior is abnormal and alerts the manager.

Complete Product Suite

SafeTrack provides a flexible, affordable, simple hardware and software solution for governments, public health authorities, schools, and corporations.

SafeTrack Wearable

Used as an alternative to smartphone-based systems, the wearable can be used in contact tracing, proximity monitoring, and/or geofencing. The wearable is compact, simple-to-use, and has a long battery life.

SafeTrack Social Distancer

Used for proximity monitoring without connectivity, the social distance wearable is a stand-alone solution for a variety of environments. It includes a week-long battery life and a comfortable design.

SafeTrack HelpCaller

Used for temporary hospitals, the HelpCaller can be set up in a few hours for patients or caregivers to signal they need help.

Powered by LoRaWAN® and BLE

Low-power, wide-area networks enable long battery life, easy setup, and secure communication without using wifi or cellular. LoRaWAN and BLE together provide a strong package for pandemic response.

How SafeTrack works?

Superior Pandemic Management

The SafeTrack solution is your end-to-end solution to empower customers to get back their new normal with safety in mind.

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COVID Response
Starter Kit

Get everything you need for a pilot. This starter kit includes a gateway, a SafeTrack wearable, a SafeTrack Social Distancer, a SafeTrack HelpCaller, and a free 1-year software subscription.

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